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CATM New York proudly announces Maestro Reona Ito and his New York Harmonic Band’s return to Carnegie Hall with special guest Ben Rosenblum for the Japan-USA Goodwill Concert


In an effort to combat recent xenophobic trends Maestro Reona Ito  embarks on his international campaign of goodwill and extends a hand of experience to two Mexican immigrants who came to America to spread unity through music.


Maestro Ito, the New York Harmonic Band, featuring Heitor Saucedo and Migel Gamboa and special guest, jazz pianist Ben Rosenblum, will perform the first half of the Japan-USA Concert at Carnegie Hall on May 30th, 2017.


Maestro Reona Ito  welcomes musicians Saucedo and Gamboa back to join the New York Harmonic Band for a second time around at Carnegie Hall. Both Saucedo and Gamboa  escaped from the severe poverty and adversity they faced in their  hometown of Monterrey, Neuvo Leon,  Mexico five years ago.  Fleeing the environment of gang warfare, drugs and corruption, they came to America, intent on spreading hope and joy through their tutelage of immigrant communities.  Teaching the immigrant community to flourish through  music has been their driving force. Their hope is to show their community that they left behind that it is possible to fight and accomplish change without the use of violence. Diario de Mexico will cover the event. 


Maestro Ito will conduct their students on July 20th at the Jewish Center of Jackson Heights, initiating his plan, Music for All Nations Children, whose goal  is to afford  the opportunity for immigrant children to perform with accomplished professional musicians. Through music, Maestro Ito wants to break down cultural  and racial divides and encourage world unity. Maestro Ito graciously took Saucedo and Gamboa under his wing in his grand scheme of international collaboration  and invited them to perform at the formidably prestigious Carnegie Hall last year for their debut.  NY1 Spanish will cover the event. 


Maestro Ito is the third generation to be born into a musical family of conductors in Fukuoka, Japan. He started his professional career in New York in 2008. His last  American appearance was at Carnegie Hall in May 2016. 

Maestro Ito has been chosen to perform at the 2019 EU Capital of Culture Project in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Ben Rosenblum is a jazz pianist and composer. His work has garnered numerous awards including the ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award, 2010. His debut leading album, Instead, was released on March 1st, 2017 and he has been called an “impressive talent” by C. Michael Bailey (All About Jazz).




      New York Harmonic Band

                 Reona Ito, Music Director and Conductor, Ben Rosenblum Jazz Pianist (Guest Artist)

Japan-USA Goodwill Concert, The Stern Auditorium of Carnegie Hall,Tuesday, 30 May at 2:00PM

            Selections from Popular Classical Music, Japanese Film Score, American Standards, Popular Music 




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